“She felt like a friend from the moment we met, and that, along with her compassion and versatility, were a tremendous aid and comfort during a fairly intense event, and I cannot recommend her enough.” -AD

What exactly does a doula do? I’m so glad you asked!


Emotional Support

My training allows me to provide you with the emotional support that you need during your birthing process. Emotions run high throughout pregnancy, and I aim to be the calming presence for you and your birth team with words of encouragement, reassurance, and praise.


Physical Support

Soothing touch, creating a calm environment, assisting you with water therapy, providing water, ice chips, popsicles, etc. You name it, and I will be the person that will be there for you helping you ride each wave that brings you closer and closer to meeting your baby.


Education and Advocacy

Throughout our prenatal time together, I will help you research and collect which preferences for birth are important to you. On the birth day, I will encourage you to ask questions and make your preferences known, help facilitate communication between you and your providers, and above all, I will support the choices that you make.


Let’s begin our journey together: