Hello, hello, hello…and welcome!

It’s a huge deal inviting someone into your birth space, I get it.

  • You want to be sure that the person you choose will be a good fit for you and your family.

  • You want to be comfortable with the education and experience that they possess.

  • And ultimately, you want someone who will feel like a friend at the end of the day.

This page is all about getting to know me. My quirks, my personality, and essentially to help you feel comfortable picking up the phone and sending me a “hello!” text or email. (Calls work too, I love to chat!)

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Hi, I’m Rebecca!

And as you can see, I am SO excited to
have you here 😄

I started my journey into birth work in March 2017 after years of being obsessed with the birth process. I worked hard to become certified through Childbirth International and through the encouragement of good friends, also decided that birth photography is kind of my jam too! I’m happy to have you here to share my journey of serving families in the Columbia, SC area. It’s been an awesome experience so far.

Entering the business of birth all started with my own.

Here’s my story:

In 2012, at a mere 22 years old, I gave birth to my first son via cesarean section. The labor process was standard, except for the fact that no one knew that he was breech! We labored together all day before the doctor finally came in, checked me and said,

Awesome news, you’re 8cm…but unfortunately, that baby is breech! We’ll need to get you prepped for a csection right away.


I didn’t have any words. My feelings were:

  1. Confusion

  2. Anger

  3. Honestly, a little bit of relief

  4. And lastly, pretty sad

Immediately after his birth I began to think that the process of labor and postpartum could have gone differently. I didn’t have the crucial information that would have allowed me to advocate for holding my baby right away, among other things that I feel I missed out on.

Bennett, July 2012 LOOK AT THAT SQUISH!!

Bennett, July 2012

Fast forward to February 2016, determined to avoid a repeat cesarean:

Labor began with my daughter and the first thing I did was pick up my phone and call my wonderful doula. She guided me through what to expect and the process of when to leave for the hospital, navigating the halls, the birth process, getting checked in and holding my hand while pushing.

Ironically, her name is Rebecca.

And when I’m honored to be by your side while you bring your baby into the world, I strive to be your Rebecca.

My Rebecca, cutting my daughter’s cord

My Rebecca, cutting my daughter’s cord

Now you know why I do what I do!

As your doula, I endeavor to be the person who is supportive and in tune with your needs. Communication is crucial to me and I will do my best to make sure you feel safe, listened to and respected.


When I am able to photograph those moments?!

PURE JOY, y’all!!

Before you go, here are 5 fun facts to get to know me a little more:

  1. I am the funniest mix of holistic and junk food addict you will ever meet.
    Me: “We like to avoid medicine as much as possible, we go to the chiropractor regularly, and see a holistic doctor”
    Also me: *shoves Cheetos into my mouth*
    *washes them down with sparkling cider and Coca-Cola*

  2. One of my FAVORITE activities ever is reading. Give me a fluffy blanket and a stack of good books and you can expect to not see me for a looooong time.
    Fun fact within a fun fact: I graduated from USC with a BA in English and worked at a library for over 4 years before leaving to pursue this business full time!

  3. My favorite seasons are Fall and Winter, because….holidays! (And SC winter weather is absolutely perfect. I fully believe it’s our reward for surviving the Summers).

  4. I HATE cooking but I LOVE eating. Most of my meals are whipped up in my Instant Pot, which I am absolutely more in love with than anyone should ever be with an inanimate object.

  5. I like to be your positive friend, the one that can make you feel like you can do anything!
    (Ask my youth group at church, they will most likely roll their eyes and say, “She makes us say positive declarations ALL. THE. TIME.”) <— TRUTH!
    I believe wholeheartedly in the power of positivity.

Bonus fun fact #6:

I want to chat with you! I offer a whole slew of services and I don’t want you to be confused about any of them. I am so good at answering questions (and eating humble pie 😆) and I like to think that I’m the kind of person that makes everyone feel like my friend.

So don’t worry friend, I’ve got you covered.

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All photos on this page are owned by Naomi Jennings Photography.
Except the cord cutting one.
She wasn’t there that day 😂